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Part I Science and Philosophy

  • Why do humans (partner) dance?

  • How did the dance style urban kiz develop?

  • Why are urban kiz and Rotterdam so interconnected?

  • How can we cope with the gender role division in partner dance?

  • Which positive effects does partner dance have on our physical and mental health?

  • Can partner dance become a harmful addiction?

  • What can we learn from maths in dance?


Part II Training and Mindset

  • What are the foundations of social partner dance?

  • How can we improve in connection, musicality, creativity, technique and self-esteem?

  • What effect does partner dance have on romantic relationships?

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 10.04.28.png

  • The predictive value of aptitude assessment for laparoscopic surgery

  • Pareto-analysis for defining teaching points in the OR

  • Ergonomics in the OR during laparoscopic surgery

  • Delphi methodology for the definition of surgical procedural steps

  • Mathematical framework inter-rater reliability assessment 

  • Operative assessment of laparoscopic skills.

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