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kelvin kramp.

Medical Doctor, PhD,
Software development enthusiast.

Experienced in a variety of medical fields as an MD. Completed my PhD in medical education but afterwards also led research projects in the emergency and surgery department.


In June 2020, I took my first steps in the healthtech domain as a Python programming enthusiast while still doing part-time work in the medical field. In July 2021, I landed my first job in healthtech as a medical knowledge translator at Ada Health.

Since May 2022 I work as an MD and developer at Gericall. Our IT team implements IT solutions in React and C# to improve the quality and efficiency of elderly care.



MY latest work. SEE the full list >


User-friendly web app to calculate 24-hour basal insulin recommendations with the OpenAPS (Open Artificial Pancreas System) oref0 algorithm. It uses the Savitzky–Golay filter to smooth curves and can upload the recommendations directly to an insulin pump. The proof-of-concept can be found over here. The repo can be found over here.

Diabetes question-answer system

Together with colleagues at Ada Health, I worked on a question-answer system for diabetics and those interested in learning more about diabetes The proof-of-concept can be found over here

Nightscout extension

Extension app to NightScout and AAPS (Android Artificial Pancreas System) with the option for a) activity tracker feedback b) refresh infusion set reminders. You can find the repo over here.

02 work Experience

2022 - current


Medical Doctor
Software developer


Psychiatry department

Medical Doctor Psychiatry
Started during the second covid wave by supporting the Covid department in the extramural psychiatric ward. During remission of the second wave transitioned to working in the psychosomatic unit. 


Elderly medicine, emergency department and cardiology department

Medical doctor

Worked in a variety of departments in intra-mural and extramural care.


Ada Health

Medical Knowledge Translator 

Translation of English medical text of the Ada Health app to Dutch. The Dutch version was implemented by Quin in their health app to support primary care triage systems. Restarted the diabetes chatbot project that was initiated during a Ada hackathon. While working as a knowledge translator I also did shifts in different medical departments. 


Emergency department
Elisabeth-Tweestede Hospital

Medical doctor and researcher emergency medicine
Worked for a year in the ED as an MD where I initiated and led research on the experiences CPR-directive conversations among elderly patients. With a team of ED physicians, residents and nurses we conducted a mixed-methods study with an explanatory sequential design. Results were published in the Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine. 


ICU department
Maasstad Hospital 

Medical doctor Intensive Care Unit

Worked in ICU and the Burn Centre. The Burn Centre at Maasstad Hospital is one of the three locations in the Netherlands where patients with burns and related skin conditions are treated. Published a case report about deodorant-inhalation as a fatal form of drug abuse in a young patient. This report was republished by CNN, Independer, FOX news, Volkskrant and RTL nieuws.


Surgery department
Academic Hospital Paramaribo

Medical doctor and researcher surgery

Initiated Bonyo study with the goal to evaluate the congruence between the microbiological results of bone swabs and bone samples in diabetic patients with osteomyelitis. The results were complicated into a hospital protocol for the diagnostics and treatments of osteomyelitis. Also published a case report about a penis skin infection after self-implantation of an artificial penile nodules.


Surgery Department
Medical Centre Leeuwarden

PhD research

After the achievement of proficiency criteria in laparoscopic skills training outside the OR, trainees commence their learning experience in the OR supervised by a consultant surgeon who guides them through the procedure. My thesis focused on the enhancement of these educational efforts by improving: 1) assessment of candidates for medical specialities that require laparoscopic surgery, 2) procedural laparoscopy training in the OR and 3) post-operative procedure-specific performance feedback and assessment.


03 philosophy

What humanity considers as healthy has changed over the course of history. Health can therefore be approached from a cultural framework as much as from a scientific point of view. It is an idea of our body based on our perception and understanding of the world. 

Reading "Homo Deus" by Yuval Harrari, "How to create a mind" by Ray Kurzweil, and "Superintelligence" by Nick Bostrom changed my perspective on health and medicine. I became aware of the advances in automation, machine learning, and data science and concluded that, although human empathy will always play a central role, this is the way to move forward in medicine.

You can read more about my viewpoint on Medium.

Let's take medicine to the next level.


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